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But there is much we can do about an American Company selling phone numbers to scam artist company's across the world.I also was charged for the same amount of 149.80 to my account for services I didn't have or receive, as well, for phone and internet charges tool. I need to find out that as well as their website, if they have any....This was a project that had been maturing for some time.The album is a shiny thing from Pottery Barn (people like to give us presents from Pottery Barn for some reason) and the pictures were from Sumana's sister.If you are a Verizon customer please comment on this blog.If this is the case I will go after Verizon, since I believe there is not much we can do about a company in India.

If you recall, in Home Server v1 we require users to create user accounts on the server that had the same username and password as that of the client PCs so that they can seamlessly access the shared folders on the server as soon as they login to their PCs.

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This generated lot of confusion with consumers, as was evident from the feedback that we got.

With Vail, Launchpad acts as the login UI for signing the user onto the server, thereby granting them access to the Server shares and other platform services exposed via the SDK.

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