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In a total of five hours of viewing, there were two instances of altercations between students and campus security police.In both, the white cops were portrayed as overly reactionary and the black students were made to be victims.

I'm going back to ski." The Envelope section of The LA Times reported that SVU also made a bid for Ted Kotcheff to receive the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, but he was not selected as a nominee.

Are they going to tell me they voted for Obama to make me feel comfortable? Sam and Gabe both attend a fictional, predominately white Ivy League university where racial tensions are running a bit high after an all-white (by chance, not by exclusion) school organization threw a blackface themed Halloween party.

But what Netflix’s “Dear White People” just revealed — also what many black people already knew — is that it’s just as awkward to bring the white guy/girl home to your family … Samantha White (Logan Browning) is an outspoken, pro-black, call-white-people-out-on-their-bulls— type of person – but even so, she was having a kind of secret relationship with “Summer bae” a.k.a.

Christopher Meloni was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, his first Emmy nomination.

Meloni was water skiing when the 2006 Emmy nominations were announced.

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Even though some claimed not to judge her choices and some said that they were happy for her as long as she was happy, everyone pretty much side-eyed her.