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Fl sex america number

The only statistics currently published in Florida are the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's totals gathered from law enforcement agencies throughout the state.

These numbers do not reflect the total number of individuals that were victimized by sexual offenses, but represent only sexual offenses that were reported to law enforcement.

Other acts also considered sexual crimes, though usually invoking less serious penalties, include “sexting” (the sending of pornography, obscene SMS messages, and other illicit media using a cellular or smart phone device), molestation, urinating in public, and performing sexual acts in public places. According to one study, it is estimated that, on average, 300,000 women are victims of rape every year, while victims other sexual offenses total around 3.7 million annually.

Reporting Rates The National Women’s Study Replication, funded by the National Institute of Justice, in 2005 found that nationally only 18% of forcible rapes are reported to law enforcement.(2) The study found only 10% of drug and alcohol facilitated rapes are reported.

All 50 states and the District of Columbia maintain sex offender registries that are open to the public via websites, although information on some offenders is visible to law enforcement only.

According to NCMEC, as of 2016 there were 859,500 registered sex offenders in United States.

Statistics can't convey all the impact that sexual violence has on victims and their families.

However, they can provide a glimpse into how many persons are victimized, who they are, and the characteristics of the crimes.

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The majority of states and the federal government apply systems based on conviction offenses only, where the requirement to register as a sex offender is a consequence of conviction of or guilty plea to a "sex offense" that triggers a mandatory registration requirement.

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